S.F.A. - DESIGN Fadingerstr . 8  A - 4840 Vöcklabruck  Telefon:  + 43 7672 / 72087  Mobil:     + 43 699 / 19107775 Fax:        + 43 7672 / 72087 Mail: s.f.a-design@hotmail.com Web:  www.sfa-design.com         Steuer Nr. 53 -  563/ 2673 - 23   U.I.D. ATU 66743125 S.F.A. - DESIGN Fadingerstr . 8A       4840 Vöcklabruck        Telefon:  + 43 7672 / 72087      Mobil:     + 43 699 / 19107775      Fax:        + 43 7672 / 72087                                                                                                                                                               Mail: s.f.a-design@hotmail.com          Web:www.sfa-design.com In Austria we have a saying: “He can shake , pound and jump as much he wants;  the last drop still lands in his pants.”. But not anymore! Our latest patented “Hygiene Box for Gentlemen” grants you clean boxer shorts. Now you can offer your customers this new Service. Mounted on the wall next to the urinal, the elegant designed box offers a velvety tissue paper towel to clean a man’s best friend comfortably after doing his “small business”.  Afterwards it can be conveniently disposed of in the designated garbage container. Our hygiene-box is perfectly designed and beautifully manufactured. Here again the most important facts about our box: paper economically dispensed as a single sheet quality design in satin finished stainless steel dimensions are 555mm(21,8”) high, 150mm(5.9”) wide and 145mm(5.7”) deep special absorbent double-layer tissue made from cellulose This worldwide patented hygiene-innovation is now available! Hygiene at the urinal… but how? Next to the urinal no toilet paper, no disposal container for used toiletries, the last drop or a bit more remains in the foreskin or in the pants. This can often lead to irritation or inflammation in the genital area.  From a medical point of view, the possibility of increased hygienic standards for men is a welcomed solution. In addition, this innovation provides an elegant way to discretely dispose of personal toiletries. It is estimated that one out of ten men suffer from incontinence, but the possibility for disposal has of yet only been available in the ladies’ washrooms. High hygienic standards require the right support. Support that is easily within reach only a few inches away.